Foods that help with depression and anxiety

 Foods that help with depression and anxiety
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 Foods that help with depression and anxiety

There is no one food or diet that can help with the curing or preventing of depression. Though it is scientifically proven that if you eat a healthy, balanced diet you are less likely to feel a low mood. A person’s diet is essential for a physically healthy body but it will also help with the mental health of the person as well. When the body has more fuel and becomes more active so does the brain and the person’s mental capacity.

Overeating can lead to overweight

Depression and eating often go hand in hand. For some of us when we are feeling depressed, we turn to all the foods we love and eat and eat until we’re full and then we start all over again. This is called over-eating and can lead to weight gain and an even lower mood. On the other hand, depression and eating can be linked to having no appetite at all. For these people, it is hard to even pick up a fork but it is important to remember that without food our bodies will slowly begin to starve and that will cause depression to worsen over time.

How does diet change affect depression?

Changing your diet can have a very positive impact on your brain. These impacts are both chemical and physiological. These changes will often improve your mood and mental state.

A diet full of nutrients

Nutrients are essential to the well-being of our bodies and help with the growth and repair of our bodies’ cells. We need carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, and even a small amount of fat for our bodies to maintain working at a healthy capacity. Without these nutrients, our bodies will grow weak and this can lead to illness and disease.

The calming effect of “Smart” Carbohydrates

Medical studies have shown a link between carbohydrates and the chemical serotonin which is produced by the brain. Carbohydrates will increase the level of serotonin within the body and in turn. Therefore, we will feel a calming effect which will help prevent anxiety.

Boost alertness with protein-rich foods

Many protein-rich foods are filled with an amino acid which is called tyrosine. This amino acid is often found in medicines used for boosting the levels of good chemicals in the brain like dopamine.

You need anti-oxidants

During our bodies, natural functions throughout the day harmful molecules are produced. They factor into the aging and dysfunction of our bodies. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are high in anti-oxidants are used by the body to repair cells and protect them against these harmful molecules.

So remember…

Help yourself by sticking to a healthy balanced diet. Don’t force yourself into a strict regime that’s going to leave you feeling depressed simply.  Because you pushing yourself too hard but always remember to think about what you’re eating before you put it in your mouth. Your diet helps you a long way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.   Foods that help with depression and anxiety



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