“I hate Mondays”-Garfield the cat

Garfield “I hate Mondays” – Garfield the cat

The third January Monday of the year, or “Blue Monday” is generally considered to be the most depressing day of the year. There are many who refute this theory, because of its lack of a scientific base. Many also claim that its polar opposite (the happiest day of the year) is the third Friday of June. Because these dates are so different from each other it is very easy to analyze why they are considered to be the emotional poles of the twelve-month calendar. “I hate Mondays” – Garfield the cat.

The Monday Syndrome :

At first glance, the day of the week is the first thing to jump out at you. Garfield (the lasagna-eating cartoon cat) has a cynicism when it comes to dealing with Monday, and it seems that his sentiments are deeply felt among most people who operate on a seven-day week. With the weekend drawing to a screeching halt Monday morning, most working people find it hard to adjust to the shift of pace from Sunday to the foot of the mountain called Monday. A lot of people choose to spend their bodies drinking, partying, and staying up late, which of course contributes to their horrid start to the week. Fits of dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, inattention, appetite discrepancies, and body ache have been dubbed by many as “The Monday Syndrome”.  “I hate Mondays” – Garfield the cat.

Powerful Phenomenon:   

Many argue that these symptoms are also spellings of alcohol-induced hangovers but even those with a sober lifestyle are susceptible to the blues on Monday. This phenomenon is so powerful that most suicides that take place do so on Monday. Now on a lighter note, the third Friday of June doesn’t exactly come as a shock when it is hailed as the happiest day of the year. But why is that? Does it again correlate to the workweek? “I hate Mondays” – Garfield the cat.

Every major city’s nightlife sector is centered on Friday.  The day for fun, for forgetting, the day of ease. From the days of primary school, Friday was always right before the weekend. Which would ring in Saturday morning cartoons, sleeping in, playing all day, and anything else that crossed a child’s desire. This carries on into high school, and post-secondary colleges and universities. Where teenagers can get the workload off their chest. With the kind of upbringing that comes with seven-day workweeks. It really is no wonder that our faces light up at the use of the word Friday. “I hate Mondays” – Garfield the cat.

It’s an important day: 

As for the weather, dealing with a Monday in the third month of January. When winter is really picking up only adds to the already stressful Monday. For instance, being in Canada on the third Monday of January. Operating on the seven-day week is probably the best way to experience for yourself the most depressing day of the year. Temperatures around that time of year are normally around ten degrees below zero in Canada. Rising out of your bed with the sun still nowhere in sight can be a horrid feeling indeed. Whereas the third Friday in June falls in the middle of the summer. Where typically, temperatures level out at the mid-thirties mark. To quote Garfield once again, “ Yep, it’s a Monday”.


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