About Us

Welcome to healthretina.com. This is a healthcare-related blog site. You will find health tips, healthy food management plans, and healthcare-related various types of information in this blog. If you are imagining good health, then this site is obviously for you. We will appreciate all of you if you visit our site and give comments and feedback to us for future improvement. As per your feedback, we will try to improve our site for achieving our mission and vision. Our mission is to stimulate and enable well-being each and every day.  Our vision is wellness that is really forced and empowered.

What is our Mission

Healthretina provides whole-life advice and inspiration for people who know who they are and want to live well in every way. We empower, encourage, and educate.

Our Vision

Healthretina is a trusted source of news, trends, and inspiration in the Health and wellness space. It’s for the people striving to improve the quality of their life.

What Our Readers Say

Healthretina has a very diverse demo, though the majority of our direct readers are 40+ people. Most of our social followers are 18-40 and people. Our daily newsletter audience is predominantly 50+ people. It’s very common for us to create and package different stories for each outlet.

Our Goals

To reveal the human story behind Health care and to distill the latest research and trends for readers looking for a safe place to get answers. We aim to increase our diversity and inclusion—both behind the scenes and on the page. For far too long, mainstream Health media have ignored anyone not straight, cisgender, white, and thin. We seek to put a spotlight on people and communities that have been marginalized in medicine and provide resources for anyone looking for support in regard to their Health and well-being.