How to get bigger thighs fast

How to get bigger and thicker
How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast. Many ladies

Many ladies dream of having lean, strong legs. They exercise day out and day in, do 100s of squats and spend hours on the treadmill. Yet, their legs and butt refuse to grow. The reality is that squats are not ample for getting thicker and bigger thighs. They do help, but you need to do a lot more to get a body shape. Bear in mind best nutrition and exercise are equally vital. What you eat can break or make your gains.

How to get thicker thighs and hips in a week

Make a plan

Decide how much time you can dedicate to your workouts. Be alert that you must train your full body not just your legs to gain strength and muscle. Aim for at least 4 workouts per week. Depending on your preferences, you can work for either 1 or 2 muscle groups at a time or full body circuits.

Train your legs once a week. If the thighs are your very poor area, hit them twice every week, at least seventy-two hours apart. This will permit your body to recover rightly and help to stop overtraining.

Do 4 or 5 exercises for huge muscle groups, such as your back, glutes, legs, and shoulders, and up to 3 exercises for smaller muscles like your triceps and calves. Maintain best form at all times. How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast. How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast.

Focus on your diet

You also need a diet plan that will support muscle growth and increased activity. Chances are, you are going to need to include calories to give your body the materials to make the muscle for those fresh curves you working on.

How many calories do you need to include is the question, and it is one top answered by your doctor, a nutritionist, or a trainer who can take into account your present weight, your activity level, and your aims to come up with your best number. Once you have that number, it is your work to stick to it as much as easy each day.

But the number is not all that matters. What you eat is just as vital. You need the power to kick ass in your exercises and you need protein for building muscle. A perfect diet that targets on vegetables, fruits, lean sources of protein, and whole grains, such as fish and beans, white meat chicken will meet all your body’s nutritional needs.

What your body does not need is sugary drinks, sweets, and processed junk foods. Save these for the occasional treat.

Superfoods for muscle-building

The key to gaining weight in any area is using more calories than you burn, but you want them to be the best calories. Rise your calorie intake, target healthy fats and carbs, and proteins. Protein in particular promotes muscle growth quickly and helps avoid fat gain.

Healthy carbs

  • Quinoa – top protein fit carb that fills up you
  • Brown rice – promotes the production of hormone growth, which equals more muscle-building
  • Whole grains – give you the power you need to power through all this weightlifting
  • Oatmeal – is higher in fiber and helps with fat loss
  • Spinach – helps stop muscle breakdown

Healthy protein

By far, proteins are the most vital type of food when it comes to building muscles and thighs. All proteins are not created equally, though. We advised:

  • Greek yogurt – Best bag for your buck in low-carb food, high protein
  • Nuts – they are top-calorie and packed with vitamins
  • Whey protein – fast, simple, great for post-workout protein blast
  • Eggs – nine essential choline, amino acids, vitamin D, healthy fat, and definitely, top-standard protein
  • Lean beef -is packed with zinc, iron, and B vitamins which also help muscle growth.

The best exercise to get thicker bum and thighs fast


Squats work out the calves, gluteal muscles, thighs, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Begin with feet apart at shoulder width. You can grip a barbell behind your head on the shoulders or just fold your arms in face of your chest. You can even grip a medicine ball in above or front of your head as you squat. Exhale going up, inhale going down. When squatting ensure that your knees do not go ahead of your toes. Perform 10-12 reps in three sets each.

Leg extension

Adjust your backseat so that your ankles are below the rollers/footpad. Sit back against the backseat. Focus on feeling the muscle work. Repeat eight to ten times in three sets. During the final rep, rise the weight. How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast

Standing calf raises

Use a Smith Machine for this workout. With your legs straight, lower yourself to stretch the calves, increase as high as you can and squeeze the muscles.


Grip kettlebells in each hand. Lower one leg with the knee almost touching the ground and locate the other leg in front bent at the knee. Change with other legs as you move forward. Walk in this way with alternate legs. This is the best exercise for fatter thighs. How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast

Leg press

Keep knees and feet hip width apart. Control descent to ninety degree flexion. Return to begin place by spreading the knees. Reject hyperextension knees. Keep fat feet throughout.

Do mountain climbers at home

The best way to rise thigh size at a house without weights is to use mountain climbers. In this workout, you get into a push-up position, locate both hands about shoulder width apart and set your feet on the toes. Without moving hands, bring a single leg forward to touch the knee to the elbow. Alternate with other legs, single leg forward, one back. Repeat as quickly as you can in one minute.

Bottom line: how to get thicker thighs and hips in a week

Like any physical change, pumping up hips and thighs does not happen overnight. It needs a mixture of weightlifting, diet, and nutrition decisions.

If you exercise and eat mindfully, though, chances are you are going to view results. Be patient, work hard, and keep in mind to celebrate your gains.

Bulking up your legs to make your hips wider and thighs bigger is truly a win-win condition. You become increasingly fit as you change muscle with fat and tone up, but you can also gain top self-esteem and confidence in your body image. How to get bigger and thicker thighs fast.



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