Live a healthy lifestyle the 4 pillars

Live a healthy lifestyle the 4 pillars

Four Pillars to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many different healthy lifestyles that individuals can follow. Now, before we talk about our 4 pillars, let us first make explain what we mean by health.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity”

This phrase comes from the World Health Organization Constitution. We see that exactly the same way. And yet, when I research health on the Internet, I get the feeling that I only come across very limited topics. This is about illnesses and their cure. And it’s about nutrition that helps with weight loss, or cancer, fungi, inflammation, or other emergencies at least.


Some of that content might even be useful and good. But nearly all resources go to sick people, with whom the child has long since fallen into the well. They are then to be re-peddled with medications or with the next dietary trend. “Less stress” should sometimes help. I understand it. Health is a big enterprise. But just when people aren’t healthy.

We want to help you live healthily with healthy habits to stay healthy. It is understood more than our physical well-being through a healthy lifestyle. We expect you and us to be well spiritually and mentally. That results, in our opinion, in the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

We want to help you live an emotionally healthy life. A number of Healthy Habits will help you do that. Such as:


A healthy diet is not that simple anymore. We are facing such a large selection at our supermarkets that we are overwhelmed. This did not exist some decades ago. They were just eating food. You are eating what’s on the shelf today. That’s the simplest way out. And that new convenience, in a way, makes life quite difficult for us. We are losing out on our natural food relationship.

We want that relationship to revive. For us and for you too. We mainly want to feed our bodies foods that are still recognized as such. Or let’s say our grandparents still acknowledge this as food. We don’t want to end up with ready meals in the supermarket but with fresh produce. With these we go home, rejoice and prepare for the odors from nature. Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars

We want to eat consciously, rather than fill our stomachs with what is conveniently available at the moment. It should take some time to eat, even if we don’t think we have that. We want to have our own cooking again. That all makes us richer and happier.

I have done almost everything wrong with my diet for the most part of my life. I didn’t eat fresh produce, but all that contained sugar and too much of it. In the end, I was weighing 150 kg. And even though I had the curve and the pounds were tumbling, I was still not eating healthily plus healthy, yes. But not healthy enough to not be afraid they will soon be falling back into old habits. It’s only since I’ve found the fun of a healthy diet that I don’t count calories anymore and feel like I’m having my weight first under control.

But eating healthy is for everyone. Not just for people unhappy about their weight. If you’re slim you don’t eat a healthy diet automatically. Perhaps they eat too many ready meals, too much meat, too much alcohol, or too much nicotine. These are all things we shouldn’t be feeding our bodies at all, or just in moderation. Live A Healthy Lifestyle The 4 Pillars


Nor is our modern society exactly behind the movement. She invents everything to relieve us, on the contrary: elevators, remote controls, shoe dressers, smartphones, shopping online, home office. I don’t have to leave the house for weeks if I don’t wish to.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars

In modern jobs, we hardly have to move about. This applies in particular to the generation of the Internet to which we both belong. We’re working on the computer, and just get up for a coffee. We no longer have to make any physical effort to satisfy our basic necessities of life. That comfortable life has been developed by us (or older generations). But we didn’t consider a side effect: a man always follows the path of least resistance and movement is great resistance.

It’s important to move on. Our bodies are complicated natural wonders. They want to and must move, not just from the front door to the car. Fitness, strength, and mobility diminish without regular use of our bodies. It is harder to retrieve them later than to get them. I don’t want the impending obesity to begin with.

A lot of people have a negative attitude toward the sport. It’s no coincidence that for decades one of the sayings “sport is murder” has been flying around the ears. Sport lets you feel happy. Even during the movement, feelings of happiness arise and even sport makes us happier in the long term. Luck isn’t coming to us on the sofa though. We need to do something about that.


We’ll show you how sporty Healthy Habits can overcome resistance. You can get used to working out and having fun. It doesn’t have to be anything that you reluctantly do. Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars



You probably knew quite a lot up to this point. We should eat a healthy diet and get our bodies moving. Okay. But that is just half the price. Anyhow! But half of the things don’t satisfy us. We want a healthy life in the soul too.

Paying attention to our feelings is tougher than ever. We live in a fast-paced society with too many options to accommodate in 24 hours. Little time to hear from us. And before we know what hit us, we are suffering from low self-esteem, stress, or solitude. These are symptoms of a lifestyle that is not healthy. The symptoms of our time are these.

With conscious behavior, when we are no longer healthy, we can take precautions or pull ourselves by the hair from the swamp. Just as we are able to feed and move our bodies healthily, so are we also able to caress our souls.


This requires a greater awareness of our life and time to engage with ourselves. Feelings come out of nowhere. They aren’t coming from outside circumstances or from other people. Feelings derive from thought. How we feel is dependent upon how we evaluate a situation.

No one can bestow on me good self-esteem. It is one’s belief that one can live happily and be worthy of it. Stress isn’t due to the fact we’ve got too much to do. What matters in our minds, is what we make of it. This is a sign of losing control of a situation. Or loneliness: in our thoughts, that feeling also arises. Those who are alone need not automatically feel solitary. Unless that is how you rate it. Live A Healthy Lifestyle The 4 Pillars


learning is not very popular in some adults’ lives anymore. We learned a lot at school, we also learned something in our studies or in training, and then we finished most. Perhaps not by chance, at the end of the training which he has learned, one says about an apprentice. As if nothing had left to learn.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars Fortunately, you see it differently, otherwise, you’d not read this article. And we look at that differently. After all, learning is one of the fundamental foundations of health and happiness. It makes us happy that we can do something we could not do yesterday today. And because our brains define new goals immediately, we want to keep growing tomorrow, for the next feeling of happiness. Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars

What we can teach our brains I find incredible. If we confront him regularly with big or small challenges, we can watch ourselves grow beyond ourselves. With each piece of growth, we expand our capacity for success in life.

If you want to promote your spirit, first you have to believe this is possible. Intuitively, everybody can agree, but most people believe their possibilities are limited. But it is this faith itself that is restricting it. On the other hand, those who assume they can learn all they need to live a healthy life will do likewise. Growth for that is possible.


The four pillars of a healthy lifestyle are these. What this blog is all about is how you interact with them in your everyday life. We live in good health when we do good for our bodies, souls, and minds every day. That may seem overwhelming at first. It’s as if you can never put it into a day-to-day life that doesn’t allow us much time. In small steps, however, healthy habits can get used to it: drink a glass of water, take the stairs instead of the elevator, read three minutes of conscious relaxation and read a few pages in a book. These are four small things you can do for yourself today, consciously. They mean too many people already living a little healthier today than they did yesterday. These new habits are soon becoming self-sufficient and you’re ready for more. Live A Healthy Lifestyle- The 4 Pillars




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