Service dogs for depression and anxiety

Service dogs for Anxiety
Service dogs for depression and anxiety


Depression and Anxiety: How Pets Can Chase Them Away!

The biggest weapon depression and anxiety have to their advantage is the ability to isolate their victim. People with depression and anxiety will slowly and deliberately cut off contact with anyone and everyone who loves and cares about them. This self-isolation further adds to their condition when they realize how lonely they are. Only the most unquestioning and unconditional type of love survives in this kind of condition and sometimes that love can not be gotten from fellow humans but from animals alone. This is why a lot of people suffering from depression and anxiety advise getting a pet, especially a dog.

However, not every kind of depression and anxiety can be controlled with the help of service dogs. Also important is the fact that not all dogs qualify as pets which can help relieve this condition. So here are a few things to remember, in case you are considering getting a dog for your particular condition:

Things to consider when getting a dog:

To begin with, pets have a comforting presence in general. But before you get a dog make sure you can afford it as well, since pet food, pet grooming, and veterinary expenses can catch you off guard. Unplanned expenses that are hard to meet can trigger off a whole new episode of depression and anxiety.

Also, remember that not all dog breeds are suitable for service, only a few are considered for this highly patient and responsible job. Most dog breeds don’t make it into this league due to having an anxious or aggressive temperament. So when getting a dog specifically for your depression and anxiety, make sure it is a friendly and submissive type.

Benefits of Owning a Pet:

There are countless benefits of owning a dog for someone who is battling depression and Service dogs for Anxiety.

  • To begin with, owning a dog or pet in general puts you directly in the way of life. This means you are forced to go out for walks with them and interact with people in this regard. This helps you reconnect with people, which you previously could not due to depression.
  • A lot of people who suffer from depression and anxiety also develop a fear of going out and meeting people, this is also called a phobic disorder. However, having the comforting presence of a dog as a companion can greatly reduce this anxiety, and gradually patients can once again develop comfort and confidence to step out into the world.
  • The love and bond one builds with a dog are invaluable. In my opinion, humans need to re-learn love and loyalty from dogs. A dog’s love is unconditional, which is exactly what someone with depression and anxiety is desperately in need of.
  • You might find it hard to believe. But the tactile sensations of petting or stroking a dog know to reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Numerous types of research have proven that it can also lower alleviated blood pressure and make people calmer.

In the end, I would like to remind you that, owning a pet, especially service dogs are not just for lonely and anxious people only. It can do wonders for a family as well since pets tend to become full-time members of the family. They can also help children learn some responsibility by taking care of pets.



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