Live a healthy lifestyle for teen 10 simple rules

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Live a healthy lifestyle for teen 10 simple rules

Teens need healthy food yet they could make unhealthy food choices. So, encourage their healthy dieting habits with role modeling and a positive food environment at home.

For instance, are you remember how to ride a bike? The most important part was finding the right balance. When you find it, you turn the pedals, drive the wheels, and move the bike. The same is true when choosing our food. By balancing the amount and diversity of the food we eat, all organs work best and the body works efficiently.

Follow these 10 tips to help you stay healthy. Finding balance is as easy as riding a bike!

1. Food is Fun… Enjoy!

Eating with family and friends at home or at school is a great way to enjoy it. I wonder what others know what to eat, their tastes and habits. What do your friends eat? Do you taste different foods every day? Let’s go back to our plates for lunch and dinner. How many kinds of fruits and vegetables can I count?

2. Breakfast is a Crucial Meal

Like cars, buses, and trains that cannot operate without fuel, our bodies always need energy, and after a night’s sleep, energy levels are low. So go to school or have fun in your spare time. Start your day with a good breakfast. Carbohydrates are the primary. Try toast or cereal with bread, milk, fruit, or yogurt. Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Teen- 10 Simple Rules

3. Eat a variety of Foods Daily: Diversity is a Health Recipe

To stay healthy, you need 40 different nutrients every day, such as vitamins and minerals. It is important to balance your daily selection because a single meal does not contain all the food. There is no good food or bad food, so you don’t have to give up your favorite food. In other words, the best way to maintain a balanced diet is to change your diet every day.

4. Which Group Do You Prefer? Intake of Carbohydrates

It is recommended to eat at least one per meal because about half of the calories in your diet must come from complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and grains. Increase fiber by eating whole wheat bread, pasta, and other whole grains. Have you ever made bread? It smells interesting and delicious.

5. Eat Every Meal with Fruit and Vegetables, and for Delicious Snacks!

Fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are indispensable to us. We should eat at least 5 servings a day. For example, in the morning, fruits such as juices, snacks, and fruits are always filled with fruits and vegetables for each meal. What kinds of fruits and vegetables are in the supermarket? Try a new breed.  (Teens Health: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Teen- 10 Simple Rules.)

6. Excessive Fat is Bad for Your Health

Eat fatty foods frequently, even if delicious foods (such as sauces, fried foods, cold cuts, and chips) are not always good for your body. Dietary fats, such as butter and margarine, should also be consumed in moderation. You need fat to complete your diet, but if you don’t eat too much, you risk losing your balance. Therefore, if your lunch is fat, eat light food for dinner.

7. Here’s a Snack! Eat Regularly and Choose from a Variety of Snacks

Even if you eat regularly during the day, there are times when you feel hungry throughout the day. This is especially true if you have a lot of physical activity. You can stop the hole with a snack. But you don’t have to take your place to eat.  Can use many types of “between meals”. You can choose yogurt, fresh or dried fruits, stem vegetables, e.g. carrots and celery, unsalted walnuts or mocha, a slice of sweet fruit bread, or cheese bread. In other cases, you might prefer chips and snacks, chocolate bars, a slice of cake, or biscuits. Whatever you like, you need to change it frequently to maintain balance.  (Teens Health: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Teen- 10 Simple Rules.)

8. Quench Your Thirst. Get Plenty of Fluids

Do you know that more than half of your body weight is made up of water? In addition to giving the body all the food you need every day to maintain your health, you need to drink more than 5 glasses of liquid per day. It is especially important to drink a lot if you are very hot or have a lot of physical activity. Usually, but always when the body speaks, it becomes thirsty. Of course, tap water is fine, but it is a mineral, natural or aromatic, carbonated, or soft water. Juices, teas, sodas, milk, and other types of beverages are also good from time to time.

9. Care Your Teeth Well! Brush Them After Each Meal

Brush your teeth after meals. Eating too much sugar and starch during the day can lead to tooth decay. Don’t nibble and drink all day! Sugar-free gum helps maintain dental health. But the best way to keep a beautiful smile is to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after meals. And after washing in the evening, do not eat anything and drink only water! (Teens Health: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Teen- 10 Simple Rules.)

10. Move on! Daily physical Exercise

If the bicycle is not used for a long time, as rust can be, the muscles and bones should not move. Physical activity keeps the heart healthy and strengthens the bones. It can also be a lot of fun. Exercise daily: You can walk to school or climb stairs. Jumping at intervals or playing football is also a great way to train your body a little bit. If you want to play sports, swimming is one of the things that help you stay healthy.

It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to protect our health. Some factors, such as the place we live in, the work we do, or even the type of relationship we have as a family, may affect our well-being, but nutrition and physical activity also and above all are really decisive factors. (Teens Health: Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Teen- 10 Simple Rules.)



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