Natural medicine for depression and anxiety

Natural medicine
Natural medicine for depression and anxiety


Natural medicine for depression and anxiety can be found in the everyday grind. There is a multitude of ways to lift the weight of depression off someone’s shoulders without walking or running into the pharmacy. When people think of mental health problems most of them automatically assume that relief is found the same way you cure an infection. Put your faith and trust in modern medicine and grab some pills, as the old saying goes “the bigger the headache the bigger the pill”.

 Traditional medicine as an alternative:  

The alternatives to traditional medicine that relieve depression are also great for other aspects of your life, for example, eating healthier. If depression is a giant tree in your front yard, then consistently eating a well-balanced healthy diet can hack down most of the roots of your tree of depression. You wouldn’t put regular oil in an F1 race car so going for food that maintains it while enhancing its capabilities only makes sense. This also means cutting out alcohol and any other mind-altering stimulants. Another brilliant choice would be taking the time to write down what stresses you out the most. Without knowing where you can relieve stress, then how can you cut it out of your life?

Keeping a food journal:  

Keeping a food journal is a great way to deal with stress by expressing yourself on paper. Seeing your problems right in front of you gives you another good need perspective you can arm yourself with. Support groups are another great way to express your feelings not on paper, but in an environment where other people are going through the same things you’re going through while giving you feedback and wisdom. The support groups are perfect for depression because humans are social creatures and one of the causes contributing to depression is loneliness.  

Meditation for Natural medicine:    

Meditation is many people’s favorite choice when it comes to natural medicine. The typical lotus flower sitting stereotype image conjured up when the word “mediation” is heard isn’t always necessary. Anything that clears your mind is meditative. Your body doesn’t need to be perfectly still, for your eyes to close or for you to say “ohm”. Whenever you find yourself sitting on the bus, walking to work, working out, or doing anything for that matter, try to breathe deeply from your diaphragm and listen hard for your heartbeat. Also taking long breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth with your diaphragm helps to clear the mind.

Yoga for Depression:

Yoga is another stress-relieving aid for depression. By bringing body and mind into unity yoga can bring down cortisol production like any store-bought drug. Getting enough sleep is another key factor. The circadian rhythm your body naturally aligns with should not be toyed with. There’s a reason that people end up sleeping for a third of their lives. The healing benefits that come with an adequate amount of rest shouldn’t be traded away for anything. Including your job. By setting goals a person can release endorphins that improve mood just by completing small goals. For example, writing on a to-do list to take out the garbage. Once completed check off the part of the list your goal was on, by doing this (believe it or not) you increase your mood in ways you wouldn’t even have thought possible. 


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